Getting Help

If you are facing an emergency, call 911, go to your local hospital Emergency Room or call the Crisis Response helpline (807-346-8282).

Everyone needs help sometimes. Whether it is to help with school, work, friends, mental health - that is what this site is about. We want to give you useful information about mental health, and where you can go if you want to talk someone. You don't have to deal with your problems alone.

If you are struggling with your mental health, don't forget that there is help out there, so reach out and get deserve it.

Be Safe

Be Safe is an easy to use, accessible tool available 24/7 to support decision making during a crisis. Be Safe is available as an Apple or Android app, and as a pocket guide. It is aimed to help youth across Ontario access relevant resources to help in a crisis. Now available for the Thunder Bay Region!

The Be Safe app:

  • Allows the user to create a digital safety plan
  • Informs the user about mental health and addiction resources in your local community
  • Directs users to the best options for their needs though a decision-making aid
  • Creates a personal 'get help script' that helps users find the words to reach out
  • Empowers the user to reach out safely

Links to download the Be Safe app:
Download from Apple
Download from Google
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